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Features of March 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2018, 3:08 AM
Welcome to the feature journal of March! We have some stunning work to showcase this time! And hopefully the journal won't glitch out and abduct some entries XD
Don't forget to leave some love to these artists! :D

Underwater (wip) by Avls

Big Red by JohnYauDesign

Noir Study (Retouched) by Lillendandie

Spring by JennyJinya

drift by princerivy Eva's OC by Scorpieee A2 by Ayywa Gorilla Samurai by Khov97 Unicorn by mechanicalvalkyrie Keeper of the light by Sava-G

Lunar sky by cassjohnson18 red peonies by Alluis Book Cover by Lamentine Berliner Dom 3 by Laurlolz My Little Pony Adopt #3 // Sold by Meginya Astronaut2 by louistik Neon Genesis Evangelion by katrimav The Duo by hafzicalart [Draw this Again] Over the Fire by Alaycii Healing by The-fox-of-wonders |Fursona|Snowfall by DreamerFoxness Inter-dimensional Overlord by WendigoMoon Photo Witch - Birthday Gift by Mavelle-Ealenyr Three-Way Fight by AlaudeSketchbook Ecidessa action pose (anime style) by FurtifoX974 Persephone by maryioum The Lonely Princess by MaikelKing Fyhirs by fyhir ::: Nur Robin ::: by NurRayArt [Experimental Easter Gift] No Regrets by numinox Utah by AprilSilverWolf Aokigahara by JennyJinya Horns by KaisPotato My Little Pony Adopt #1 // Sold by Meginya [BnHA OC] Date at the sea by Kiyopan Run the jewels DA by Jickleberry Kaori by AUDEAMUS-019 Across the Ridge by JG1723 [Request] Trixie by KamiSulit Lonely Retrospection by Mariam-Saba Kimono by Estheryu Apenk Supardi by EmbunLebah Heinrich by Dangerbirb Battle Against Gluttony! by arcadian123 Oven Mother - OC Pageant 2018 (Round #1) by Whim-N-Wonder R O K U by K3NMA BTS's Jungkook [+ speedpaint] by day-tunes Embrace by NikySHouse CFV G: Sunrise Ray Knight, Taiyou by rainbow000pegasus Dancing elf by Animefanka Willy Wagtail 3561 by DPasschier Clint Eastwood ink by neraksel Sin by LiussSteen Canvas Practice by BIValentine Demons by Shiyatsu The Sun That Never Sets by Flamedragon44 A jellyfish by Lorena-artist Horsey by Clamdiggy Ancient mentor by RavenCorona Adopt no.3 ( AUCTION OPEN ) by SelpheeUsagi A Capella by MAJArtsy Children of the Ocean by Niruja Tarja, Defender of Life by MrDessin Train by ngocthanh1103 [Commission] Connections by numinox Snowball by AshClad-Shade Sleeping Plutie by Mustaro Gamirah reading on the edge by AliaAldarmaki Speedpaint #13 Journey by araednia [C] Sakura by Yaantii [CM] Ariel by rizihike Invisible Girl Against the World by Tears-of-Xion Mabel and Star Sleepover by spookylolly Seigneur du Malin by Yseulta River Spirit Nami [Fan Art] by BluesSketchbook Eclipse Sketches by AquaticJM New icon! (OC - Lobito) by thebadgerfoxdraws .:The Raven:. (Chapter 2 Preview Poster) by AKoukis Usagi  by k-i-k-i-a Dark Alley Mugging by RasheruSuzie Beginnings by Chamomile-Tee Practice 9 by MrsCallaghan Pink [ON REDBUBBLE] by GirlWithTheGreenHat Midnight Reverie [OC: Tsung] by xXSerena-CrosseXx

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2000 points + Doodle Giveaway [Ended]

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 19, 2018, 6:07 PM
The raffle has ended!
The 2 winners are ArtOfRivana & Alolan-Vulpixy
Funniest comment goes to Eggnatie

Contest Ss by SeerLight

Welcome to my 2nd Giveaway Raffle! This time prizes include a free doodle from me as well as points! :D

Doodle examples:
Doodle 47 DVA by SeerLight Doodle 46 Black Panther by SeerLight Doodle 44 princess monononke by SeerLight Doodle 43 Roe by SeerLight Doodle 42 Kaonashi Star by SeerLight doodle 37 Keyria by SeerLight

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
Bullet; Blue There will be in total 2 winners, each will receive 800Points points and a free doodle!
Bullet; Green To enter you must be a watcher! (New watchers welcome!)
Bullet; Yellow Favorite this Journal (So you get a number ticket!)
Bullet; Orange (optional) Tag people in this journal, for the chance to win 50Points extra points per person tagged (up to a possible 200 extra points) if you happen to be a winner!
Bullet; Red Deadline is April, 7, 2018

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All Winners will be chosen through a random number generator :D (Big Grin)
Star! Funniest comment gets any leftover points and a free doodle as well Star!

Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
Good luck everyone!

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Features of February 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2018, 5:22 PM
Welcome to the best of February 2018 feature journal! This month we have another look at many awesome artists sharing their work with us!
Don't forget to leave them some love! <3

Edit: fixed the missing deviations

Flowercrown by Niruja

Anime style background - Greenhouse by Hibelton
Spring Day by kyupon
Eldertree by Nicili

Mist by sute1uQ The Herbalist by Acaciathorn Mauve by LualaDy chrom by AngelKite The Pitbull and the Husky by insyndiar

The Coldness of Hydra"Orion," you heard a tense voice from your comm. radio. You recognized it as Sirius's voice. "Orion, come in."
"I copy, Sirius. What is it?" you replied neutrally, frustrated that your friend had interrupted your rest.
"We're starting our approach now. You should come to the bridge," Sirius told you.
"Approach? We can't have reached Canis Major yet!" you noted, confused about this piece of news. You were approaching Canis Major as a waypoint to your destination, humanity's new home planet Abzu, but you should not be out of Kuiper Belt yet.
"I know. That's the problem. It's not Canis Major we're approaching, but Hydra. Come here asap and you'll see," Sirius told you. You could hear from his voice that he was disquieted.
"Okay, I'll come right away. Over," you said and got up from your berth. When you left the warmth of the blankets, you noticed that your room was unusually cold. You checked the thermostat to see if someone had messed with it, but the settings were just as you had left t
STRAY DOGS by InkAntigen Yuki by Sanaia-art Belated Valentines by numinox League of Legends | Janna -  Harmonic Calmness by sphelon8565 Avengers by christophersean Sleepy Snow Tiger by LiussSteen Flowers by chronojessicapple Lawak Kampus froggy by Estheryu Crazy on you - Ganymede by anniecoleptic Untitled Drawing By Bubbamaxtraditional-dc40can by BubbamaxTraditional Arch by MiR-S The Pitbull and the Husky by insyndiar Campfire | Contest entry by PyonSangSang Daily Mecha #188 - Sunlight by MrDessin X-Men: Armor by vf02ss Catgal Invasion On Dog Castle  by Thecat66666 Yellow Golden Eye in Grey by MariaEnzianiaKober Soul Search by MandieEllieArt Ill always worry bout everything growing too fast by Drakepancake Mini Portrait Series - Seishiro Shinoda by AKoukis Red-Eyed Tree Frog by AquaticJM The Calling(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
He could hear it again – as if something was scurrying across the ceiling. Lying down on the adjustable bed, his green eyes traced the constantly changing pattern of the dynamic screen, trying to find the source of the sound but knowing that he would fail anyway.
“Are you hearing that sound again, Mr. Raynott?”
“Yes,” he replied with a sigh. Turning to the woman seated to his right, he smiled. “Just call me Kylan, Dr. Anjoul.”
“Alright then… Kylan.” She looked up from the thin tablet in her palm, offering him a smile. “Now, I just want to assure you that despite my position as the company therapist, everything you say here will remain strictly confidential, alright?”
Kylan nodded his understanding while discreetly appraising the woman. Sharp, calm, and in her mid-thirties – t
Midnight Stroll (OfferArt) by AuttumntheGuardian Lacia by NStCh-root-a Dark Forest (Contest Entry) by LacrimareObscura Mega Ampharos by Sugardragon15 Knight's Tale by Ocetee Giver of Light by teeyu Nanao Ise - Bleach (Valentine's Day) by Dingier Dragon Knight by BurgeredCrocodile Dear God [Greyscale] by Shiyatsu Houndoom Used Flamethrower! by Sugardragon15 Pink Flow by Shokkun Roots by Charissa-tan Sidra by Eternal-Shadow-S Gave Up by SvbwayShayla STRAY DOGS by InkAntigen Racing with the stars (ArtOffer) by AuttumntheGuardian Icon - Nathan by JadeKingfisher Eddie Valiant by CaptainEdwardTeague<da:thumb id="729128661"/> Lost into the Woods by AikaArfeiniel Shehulk VS Supergirl by serge-fiedos Guiding Flame by KamiSulit Watercolor Pencil MLP Princess Cadance by ShotsyShotsy Heading For Adventures 2 by Cyneless Commentary Park by KaizenKitty Untitled Drawing by puppyart45 Coral by Melodytar Ryphon by PosyPrince OC Aby (old) + color (new) by FurtifoX974 PHOTO 0449 by mopdtk [elDLIVE OC] Happy Valentines day! by Kiyopan Chibi Kaho san from Blend S by DaniKarmann Corona Blossom R-ne by Mustaro<da:thumb id="721919791"/> Hawkfrost by karzixkar Bodyguard by Icy-HeartProductions Brooke by ElissaKarminakria Symbol of Peace by Assya-Paloma

Mature Content

Markiplier Tour Shirt Print - Darkiplier and Anti by HardH3rtz
YCH-SBRS: Sasayaki Falldeen - FormalDress by Lucithea Chill Night by Jax-em Sayori (Doki Doki Literature Club) by PrettyAlice95 Blood Thirsty by AnimatedBeing Snow Queen by StarsDEN Crystal Pack-Sailor Uranus Citrine by Kokinmefukurou Floating Rabbit Noodle by som2-0 MSnS x Modern AU: A Heroine of Ombre by mondetactica Oh Deer! by JG1723 Penguin's loot by PaladinPainter BecauseYou know my attention
drifting in busy days or quiet minutes
to a world where there is you
Your eyes
breathless whisper
leaving me weak
Never a moment of touch
simply a dream
a flight to somewhere
It reminds me:
'The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,  
And miles to go before I sleep.'
Aki and Poff (art trade) by thebadgerfoxdraws [OC-MM] Smile Against the Rain by moonmute Pit: Angel Ring (Animated Sprite) by AlphaCharlieEcho247 Aspen and Xyla by theJfluffy Tightrope by warrior-princess46 Where Dragee Meets The Sea! (TRADITIONAL ART) by MarkPajo Lost beauty by AliaAldarmaki MM: Heart-chery by rainbow000pegasus Not Stupid by Flamedragon44 When Black and Pink Meet by Tears-of-Xion Trickster Pirate by SlytherclawPadawan I Am The Roar- Kion by Mmkaay Gears of Wolves by KitsuneKatzchen 10xkamehameha by kiayt A Charmed Life by Chazing-Dreams Cardcaptor Sakura by kanachroma Witches Table by LaurTheDino Brunette Bun by AquaVarin Puppy Love by Alolan-Vulpixy Artist Kirby by TooterDoodles Wood Duck by NicoleDaney Koda Painting ~ Gift by Wintercat96 Under the Sea of Love by Mr-Pink-Rose Minty Seattle by GirlWithTheGreenHat Noticed by the Wrong Senpai by RasheruSuzie

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Features of January 2018

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 2, 2018, 2:55 PM
Welcome to January's feature journal! Starting off the year with awesome artworks! :D
Don't forget to leave some of these amazing artists some love! ^^

Dvasia by Ruiwen-art
Blunari x Zenketsu (Comm) by loveedreams
Flight of griffins by Darko-Stojanovic-Art
End of Day by Nicili
The Witch's Study by FruitTartz International Cat Day by Estheryu Evening by S0mniaLuc1d0 Cozy cottage II Oil painting by BeeTatyana Onmyouji x Houseki no Kuni by AnRabi Mountains study #2 Matterhorn by puppisama Herald Angel with flute by GlauxBryonia Sirens by BabaKinkin Art Trade: Ahuska by Acaciathorn Mist Dancer on the Water by MariaEnzianiaKober Cliff Diving by winterfeuille Seiga Kaku ~ Your Life for Faith by Gewitter8 Snow Queen by gabrielleragusi Penguin Girl by TrungMuoi New Year 2018 by rizihike vintage by AngelKite 081 Babylon by jarvuffin

Hildir- [COMM] by insyndiar Doki Doki Sweets Cafe!~ (Natsuki and Yuri) by KatzianXero Trustworthy Salesman by RasheruSuzie Beau by Fox-Petal-Designs A Charmed Life by Chazing-Dreams Commission Portrait  by Dreachie Winx: The Path of Mysteries: Chapter 1
Winx: The Path of Mysteries
Chapter 1
An excerpt from the passage Begin
"Don't go too far away, Iridia!"
"I won't, Mom!"
Magnolia shook her head as the light-purple-colored hair swung in the wind. Iridia dashed to the edge of the cliff the family had chosen as their spot for having a picnic.
"Wow, it's so pretty!" Iridia gasped - again. She had marveled the bright blue sky and the vast view which seemed to go on forever many times now.
The sky seemed perfect for flying. Iridia spread her arms, feeling the wind around her. She imagined she was flying like a hawk, soaring through the endless sky. However, she felt her feet steadily on the ground; she was on firm land. There was no way she could fall. Besides, her parents were just a stone's throw away; there was absolutely nothing that could happen to her.
Except the wind.
A strong gust pushed Iridia's back so suddenly that the girl lost her balance. One step ahead to regain the balance. Unstable ground. While Iridia was light, th
The Bird Queen, Part 11: RunArc 2

The Ravens' Sisterhood

    Everyone nearly jumped out of their seats at the sound of the door slamming closed. Rachkir rushed into the dining room before anyone had a chance to get up from the table. His clothes were ruffled with his jacket turned inside out. His raven hair was wild and all over the place as his eyes bulged behind a few loose bangs.
    His family stared back at him in bewilderment. Rakkil, his older brother, was the first to stand from his seat and approach. "You're back early," he said, "What happened?"
    Rakkil quickly placed a hand on his brother's shoulder to steady him. He spoke slowly as to not unsettle him further. "Calm down. Breathe. Tell us what's wrong."
    Rachkir suddenly went stiff, his eyes growing wider if that was even possible. Seconds went by before he then gripped tightly to Rakkil's shoulders. Wild
Messenger by Qbaska TraumaIt's like the hand
Just to stifle you
It's like a cold blade
Cutting through you
It's like an insect
Gnawing from the inside
It's like the vulture
Waiting for you to die
It's like the syringe
Drilling into you
Injecting beliefs
Deep right into you
It's parasitic
Whispers to the brain
Our folk, our children
We don't deserve
This level of pain
The screams
The blood, the hurt
The horror
The fragile mind
Torn up, burned down
Poisoned, lacerated
By the trauma
Escape trauma
Ushio's Reference Sheet by Akane-Ritsu Master of Witchcraft by Tears-of-Xion Tsukuyomi by Iduna-Haya Azura Fanart (Fire Emblem) by Dekelsa Myrrya by karzixkar Bright red tulips by estump The Keys by abbyhdsn Robin City [ON REDBUBBLE] by GirlWithTheGreenHat Out Of The Darkness They Crept. Out of the Darkness they crept.
" They " was all that it was worthy of being referred to as. There was no adjective that could describe the thing, no shape or outward suggestion of intelligence that you could relate to. Except . . . for one. . . bloody. . . slit-of-a-mouth, with tongues like barbs and teeth that were cavities. So you must understand that when I use terms such as " beast " or " thing " or whatever, those words are not accurate. The creature did have a name, but that name no one would say.
The beast moved with Silence as it coughed up bits of what could only be described as pieces of whining tar. The disgusting refuse sizzled on the decrepit floor of the long wooden corridor. They slunk ever forward, and I could sense the being turning its horrific consciousness from side to side, examining each and every door-way. Silence let the thing walk upon herself, of course, hushing every sound the creature must have made. I could fee
Peace by Assya-Paloma Violet Evergarden [SPEEDPAINT] by mysterioustrumpet [OC] Re:Phansom by Mekona Distance by KeekaTiger [BGP02] high mountain terrain by May-May-Meow Darius Vesper-Hemlock Ragemode form X Normal form by 99Violence [AT] A good book by Cirrogrond-Lions Dreaming of Watkins Glen by humloch Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric - FMA by Dingier Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 by kiayt [Nova] by numinox Into the Fiery Cave by JG1723 Barad-dur by trilliondollerman Crystalline Entity by EternalCeasefire Levi x Reader - Forget, Forgotten(AU Note: Read once forward and then read each line backwards after that.)
I love you, Mum.
Maybe… just maybe… one day, we would meet again and we would smile; our expressions conveying love, the time spent apart would be as if they had never happened.
I still dare to dream that…
For now though.
I can’t accept your existence.
忘了他 (Forget him)
It was a decision guided by the cruel realities of life – be burdened by you or accept the abandonment and carry on desperately surviving.
And so, I went through life, trying to forget that I had someone like you – life was much simpler, much less painful that way.
“I don’t have a kid named Levi.”
But you reminded me that life is not fair.
You were the one who gave me life, you showed me that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
It’s not that I wanted to forget you.
忘 (Forget)
But nothing ever lasts – as years pass,